Electronic Musical Instrument Repair and Design

Used the wrong adaptor? A key suddenly stopped working? No sound coming from your machine? Did the screen go black? Have an old synth that needs a service?

There is a good chance that I can fix your electronic instrument, whether it is a classic analog synth, or a modern micro-smd digital hybrid desktop device.

I offer the following services:

  • Repair
  • Servicing
  • Modifications
  • Kit Build
  • Electronic Design
  • Hardware Production
  • Anything else, just ask

I specialize in (Eurorack) Modular, modern digital or hybrid instruments.

human error synth repair docter


I offer a 'no cure no pay' service; If I can't fix the problem it will not cost you anything, unless if someone else has already worked in an unprofessional manner or if essential parts (or firmware) are no longer available .

Akai MFC42 without cover

I can not make an estimate if I haven't seen the machine. A basic repair for a known problem starts at €15,-. Prices are excl. 21% Tax in the EU.

9090 drum computer internals

After some tests I contact you regarding the work to be done, and the costs involved. If possible I prefer personal contact, but it is always possible to ship a device here. You pay for shipping, and I'm in no way responsible for any damages caused by the shipping.

MicroKorg internals encoder repair

Open Source Discount of 15% for any instrument, effect or module that is an Open Source project with public schematics and/or firmware. (Parts excluded)

original Pro One

I do not repair: Amplifiers, Record Players, Tape Machines or Organs.

MaxiKorg insides for cv and gate mods

I offer a 3 month warranty on the repairs done. Any defects other than the repairs are to be considered a new problem and will be charged accordingly. I can not refund any shipping costs.

Occasionally I stream or record a video of the repairs and mods that I do. If you would like a video of your repair, just ask, I'll put it online!


Send me a message for inquiries or any questions you may have.

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Boergoensevliet 13
3082KE Rotterdam
The Netherlands
+31 6 41 28 03 07

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Open from Tuesday till Saturday, 10:00 to 18:00. Only on appointment!